How do you take charge of your life?

     Taking charge of your life, it may sound weird. Is it possible not to take charge of your life? Well, yes, it is, and it's very common.


How do you take charge of your life?

     Many people watch their lives unfold and stop themselves from living the life they really want to live.

     Considering that our life moves fast and that when it is over, we cannot go back, it is a shame to watch our life go by remaining completely passive and not doing anything interesting with our life.

     Spending your life scanning social networks and watching TV or series is not really about taking control of your life.

     Why is it that some of us feel like we're watching the show of our lives and not participating in it, while others just go ahead and do it with ease?

Explanations for trying to better influence our destiny

     "Your time is limited, don't waste it leading an existence that is not yours". These words of Steve Jobs should resonate in each of us and make us wonder about the most essential questions:

Are we happy? 

Are we living in accordance with our values? 

Are we captains of our own ship?

     Thanks to a few simple and useful tools, it is possible to know a little more about ourselves and above all to move forward according to the objectives we have set ourselves.

Admitting the need to change something

       First of all, you have to realize that something has to change. Sometimes, automatisms have become so entrenched in our heads that the filters of perception prevent us from taking a fresh look at things. We retain what interests us and put the rest aside. 

     It is then complicated to make things move when we don't have all the cards in our hands. 

     Once we understand the problem we are facing and are aware of the obstacles we have to overcome, it is possible to find solutions.

     The mistake to avoid: To think that life is as it is anyway. Often, when we expect too much of something, it ends up happening. 

    This is called the Pygmalion effect. For example, the student who is convinced that he is going to fail his exam and who ends up failing because of negativity.

Get the click?

       Read inspiring, positive books that fill the personal development departments of bookstores. 

     Discover for example "The man who wanted to be happy" by Laurent Gounelle, "Tomorrow is another day" by Lori Nelson Spielman.

     Discover the testimonials of those who have been there. Focus on people who look like you and follow the blogs that attract you on these issues. 

     No, there aren't only charlatans in the field of personal development blogging, there are plenty of sincere people who have made a real move and who can inspire you a lot.

     Read inspirational quotes: often personal development messages are so simple that they can seem naive... unless the words are well found. And that makes all the difference.

Taking action: 

      So the real question is, what do we really care about? To do that, we need to open up new horizons and stimulate the imagination.

     Imagine that all our wishes have come true and try to visualize the changes that have taken place as a result. What has changed in our lives? Is it possible to make these changes now?

     Open up to other cultures to explore new values and open our perception.

     Focus on your weaknesses: you can't be good everywhere and it's better to exploit your strengths.

     To achieve your goals, it is useful to use your strengths. So the question is: what are our strengths and how can we exploit them even more? Once we have identified the ways to put them forward, we choose one and take action! Self-confidence is also an essential factor in achieving one's goals. 

     Ideally, you should identify the circumstances in which you can be more confident and then replicate this behavior or imitate someone who is confident. Do not hesitate to use your imagination.

     It is necessary to spend time, a lot of time, on this inventory. Self-knowledge is essential to create a life that suits you.

     Once we have determined what is really important to us, it is time to set goals in line with our values and adapt our behavior to achieve those goals.

     Why not change your morning routine by getting up an hour earlier: be careful, this only works if you respect the amount of sleep you need for a good recovery. 

     You can also eliminate some of your time-consuming habits, especially when they don't contribute to a better life... 

     For example, turn off the television and set it aside for occasional movie nights! One thing is important to note here, however, is that it's better that you give yourself time regularly, even a little time than just a month's break every 2 years.

Make the decision

     Once you've acknowledged and accepted that there are things to change in your life, it's time to make a decision.

     Make the decision to change your life.

     Make the decision to take control of your life.

     Make the decision to change your behavior.

     Make the decision to start this new project.

     Make a decision NOW. Not tomorrow. Not in an hour. Make it now.

     Making a decision quickly is one of the characteristics of a leader. A loser will hesitate for a long time and in the end, never make decisions, he will always let others decide for him.

     What I'm telling you through this article is: make a firm and immediate decision. Engage with yourself. 

     Make a firm commitment to take action and take control of your life. Make a pact with yourself.

     There will be no change without a decision. Once you have made your decision, it is as if you have opened the book and written the name of the first chapter. All that remains is to write in the book of your life.

Change for the better


     In order to have tangible results in your life and truly take control of your life, making a decision is necessary and behind it, taking action is the decisive element.

     Without taking action, nothing happens at all. It is the mandatory step, the centerpiece of the puzzle of your life.

     If you want to change, if you want to improve, you will have to take massive and immediate action. Don't wait: take action. Do the things you know are important.

     97% of people will wait months or even years before taking action. They will wait a long time to launch the projects that are important to them, and often it will be too late. Or they'll never get it started.

     Don't be one of that 97 % of people. Be part of the 3% who take action quickly and massively.

     Accelerate your implementation time. As soon as you learn something, whether it's a tip to apply or something about yourself to change, make the decision to change/apply it and take action immediately to do what needs to be done to improve your life.

     Be the leader of your life and take action. Be the actor in your life.

     Implementation time will make a difference in your life. Most people wait their whole lives to test things, don't be like them.

     The simple reflex of not applying what you learn in life can literally ruin it for you.

 Practicing self-assessment

      Did you realize you needed to change something in your life? 

     You made the decision and took action? That's the biggest part, and like I said, by doing that, you're going to distinguish yourself from most people.

     Now there's one last element left to make this a real virtuous circle. That last element is self-evaluation.

     What for, you ask me? Well, it's very simple: there is no possible progression without regular evaluation in our lives.

     If we don't evaluate what we do, how can we change things?

     Start by making an inventory to become aware of what needs to be changed in your behavior, in your habits, to take your life in hand. Then make the decision to change what needs to be changed. 

     From then on, take the appropriate actions to improve things and become the real actor in your life. Finally, evaluate yourself to note what you have done that is relevant and what you have done that is less relevant to improve yourself more and more each time.

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