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sunnyweight is a general information website about wellness, mindset, health, travel...
 objectives :
- on the one hand, to keep you informed of world news in the broadest sense;
- on the other hand to help you in your understanding and buying guide, through the regular publication of tips and general or specialized files.

The https://www.sunnyweight.com/ website has just seen the light of day in 2019 under the personal impetus of a desire to inform and, above all, to provide help to Internet users who need to be well informed at all times.

Since this date, the site has been improving day by day, offering new sections and functionalities. My goal is to increase the number of visitors to the site to finally make wellness minds, one of the recognized players on the world scene.

My desire and motivation is to provide you with quality information and to help you concretely with articles and tips that are always more relevant.

By Sali Samir

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