Keto Diet Beginner's Guide: weight loss

Keto Diet Beginner's Guide: Weight Loss


Learn more about the ketogenic diet and some aspects of its benefits

     A ketogenic diet, a keto diet, is a well-known diet that many people have been successful with. 

     The keto diet focuses on increasing fat intake and reducing carbohydrates. When a person eats a reduced amount of carbohydrates, the body produces ketones

     Ketones are small molecules that serve as a source of energy produced by the liver. 

     During a keto diet, the body switches to receiving energy mainly from fat.

     When you switch to a keto diet, you must exclude many food categories from your diet. 

     First of all, carbohydrate-rich foods should be avoided. It is recommended that you limit your carbohydrate intake to no more than 50 grams per day. The less carbohydrate in food, the more effective the diet.

     Fats such as butter and olive oil, nuts and avocados should be included in the diet. 


     The consumption of omega-3 rich foods such as fish and seafood is encouraged. Protein products such as chicken, beef and venison should be included, as well as the required amount of vegetables, except tubers and roots. 

     The ketogenic diet also allows the use of different varieties of cheese - preferably light colours.

     There are many health benefits to switching to a keto diet. One of the many positive effects that appear in those who adhere to this lifestyle is weight loss

     The diet also helps lower blood sugar levels - and can have a very significant effect on high insulin levels, which contributes to type 2 diabetes

     The ketogenic diet also helps increase concentration by adding nutrient-rich foods to the diet. 

     When the liver produces ketones, a person feels more energetic and alert. Increase your endurance, improve cholesterol and control your glucose levels by following a keto diet.

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