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Vitamin D, Sadness: 5 Tips To Resist The Lack Of Sunshine

Vitamin D, Sadness: 5 Tips To Resist The Lack Of Sunshine


     In winter, we live with our umbrellas transplanted by hand, how to avoid the risks of vitamin D deficiency? and how to resist fatigue, sadness, and depression due to lack of sunshine

Discover our tips to boost your vitality.

     Lack of sunshine also means an increased risk of vitamin D deficiency, leading to fatigue, lowered immune defenses, and increased risk of osteoporosis for those over 50, not to mention the morale in the socks and the desire to move to Seychelles. 

     So what do we do not to let our vitality melt with the showers? We take this good advice.

Fill up your plate with vitamin D


     To compensate for the lack of sunlight, whose UV absorption by the skin activates the production of vitamin D, we put some on the menu. 

     The foods richest in "sunshine vitamins" are fatty fish: go straight for baked or steamed salmon, tuna, sardines in oil, mackerel, cooked eel, or herring.

     Fish oils are also good sources of vitamin D, with a special mention of cod liver oil (yum). To vary the pleasures, alternate with eggs, soy drinks, and veal or beef liver for those who like it, not forgetting milk and plain yogurt, which contain less. 

     The most fragile people, children, pregnant women and the elderly can be prescribed a vitamin D supplement by their doctor to help them get through the day.

We spend time outside


     It's raining a lot, but we look out the window to see if it's clear and we go outside to put our noses out. Between April and October, 15 minutes a day (preferably around noon) spent in daylight is enough to produce the amount of vitamin D we need for good health

     So if it doesn't rain, we walk as soon as we can, from the bus stop to the office, from the children's school to the house, in short, you get the idea, to take advantage of the slightest ray of sunshine

     We avoid sunglasses, and we expose a maximum of the skin surface, without putting you in a T-shirt, but if it's 2°C, we wouldn't want you to catch pneumonia in the process.

We do a cure for light therapy


     If you feel depressed, or tired, go for light therapy treatment. Kézaco? This therapy, as its name suggests, aims to expose yourself to between 30 and 60 minutes a day to a white light reproducing the spectrum of the sun, via a lamp or specific glasses, and thus compensate for the lack of sunlight, source of fatigue, seasonal depression, and other winter joys.

     Two options are available to you: follow your cure in a specialized center, or invest between 100 and 200 € in a light therapy lamp. If you choose this solution, make sure you have the medical CE mark, which guarantees the safety of your product. 

     Expose yourself instead to the alarm clock, to help your biological clock to resynchronize, and adjust the time spent according to the power, while avoiding fixing the lamp directly to avoid damaging your retina. 

     The first benefits are felt after two or three days, and a clear improvement can be seen after three weeks of treatment.

We take a nap without complex

     Lack of sunlight causes a feeling of fatigue in the body and an increased need to sleep. Indeed, the production of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep, is stimulated by the drop in brightness, which starts much earlier in the day in winter (or even sometimes throughout the day when the weather is really gloomy). 

     No fuss, if you feel your eyelids getting heavier during the day, you can take a mini regenerating nap that will give you back some hair to end your day.

5 - We practice a physical activity

     Lack of sunlight causes a feeling of fatigue, which can be countered with regular physical activity. 

     What does that mean? Doing sport causes the secretion of many hormones that promote well-being: endorphins that make you smile, dopamine that increases pleasure tenfold and promotes concentration, adrenaline, and norepinephrine that boosts our power and our resistance to effort. 

     In short, a cocktail of thunder that gives a real boost and helps us to better resist the depressing effects of a lack of sunshine.

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