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Yoga with Adriene
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Yoga with Adriene

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     The asana yoga or yoga postures "asanas" for beginner yogis is generally known for its sequence of various body positions more or less difficult and performed on an adapted yoga mat.

Asana, the third pillar of yoga

     Originally Asana is a Sanskrit term translated as "sitting" or "the way of sitting". 

     Today, it refers to the yoga pose held still, comfortable and relaxed in order to bring about relaxation

     Named after the fauna and flora, the most famous positions are the tree (Vrikshasana) and lotus (Padmasana) posture.


Yoga with Adriene Mishler
     The word asana appears for the first time in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, written between 200 BC and 500 AD. 

     Indeed, the yoga positions are part of one of the 8 limbs of yoga: the 3rd pillar of yoga

     Here, the term asana means sitting quietly in a stable and comfortable manner. You can see that originally there was only one yoga pose, sitting still and pleasant. 

     This one is called Padmasana, the lotus posture, with which one could calm the mind.

     Later, according to a legend described in ancient texts written between 400 and 1000 AD (The Puranas), Shiva (Hindu god) revealed to men how to perform various yoga asanas in order to stay healthy, but also to gain self-knowledge.


     You may have noticed that many yoga poses are named after wildlife. 

     Indeed, yoga asanas were invented by Rishis observing their environment and wishing to imitate the natural positions of animals, plants, and humans. 

     They had well integrated the fact that all living beings lived in harmony with nature and that they used certain postures for their virtues. 

     Subsequently, these sages created a system of asanas chosen according to their benefits, for example, the Shashankasana (hare) for relaxation.


     Asanas are the different yoga positions held for a certain amount of time, without moving and without being uncomfortable. 

     But, they are not simple poses, they really work your whole body: organs, endocrine glands, joints, muscles, etc.. Some yoga postures compress parts of your body where the blood doesn't circulate. 

     When you relax, the blood circulates more quickly again, allowing you to detoxify, purify, and cleanse this area. Yoga exercises are also good for your soul, chakras, and mind, as they can produce different sensations that change your state of consciousness. 

     It is, therefore, a way to harmonize and strengthen your body and calm your mind.


     In Hatha yoga, there are no less than 84 yoga postures. However, you will find various types. Some calm when others stimulate or nourish the being.
  • Asana standing,
  • Sitting posture,
  • Balance position,
  • Asana of recovery,
  • Bending posture,
  • Extension position,
  • Twisting asana,
  • Reverse posture.

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