3 Secrets To Getting a Flat Tummy

Unlocking the Secrets to Achieving a Flat Stomach: 3 Key Strategies

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Start with a detox 

     It's good to already have the idea of changing your eating habits! But with the body no longer inclined to burn calories, you can't expect a loss of abdominal fat.

     A detox is then essential and must precede a special diet for a flat stomach.

     The purpose of detox is to restore intestinal order. It prepares the organs for weight loss, helping them to purify themselves naturally.

The mono-diet: detox

     By opting for the mono diet, you will consume a single food for 3 to 4 days. You can, for example, choose a 100% apple detox diet that will allow you to eat this fruit in all its forms: raw, cooked, juice, etc.

The soft formula

     The soft formula consists of adding detox food to every meal for 2 to 3 weeks. It is also possible to opt for a fruit or vegetable-based juice treatment for as little as 3 days.

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A healthy and balanced diet

     By adopting a healthy and balanced diet every day, you will gradually see your love handles disappear.

     To do this, learn to monitor the intake of essential nutrients on your plates.

     Similarly, fill up on vitamins and minerals, giving priority to fruit and vegetables!

Foods to favor

     Try replacing cow's milk with goat's milk or soy milk to easily combat bloating.

     For your "flat tummy goal" diet, you should also choose the following foods:
  • Oleaginous fruits: hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds, etc.
  • Raw vegetables: carrots, beans, and green vegetables,
  • Legumes: coral lentils, green lentils, split peas,
  • Fish and eggs: with a glycemic index close to zero,
  • Vegetable milk: almond, hazelnut, spelt, oat, etc.

Foods to avoid

     Very often, the most caloric foods are at the same time the most harmful to health. Limit or avoid foods rich in refined sugars such as ready meals, pizzas, white bread, pastries, sweets, etc...

Drink lots of water

     Drink plenty of water, but also tea or herbal teas. You need at least 1.5 liters of water a day to help you lose your stomach fairly quickly.

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Flat stomach exercises

     Regular physical activity not only helps you burn calories, but it also helps prevent calories from turning into fat and being stored in your stomach, thighs, or buttocks.

     This does not mean that you will lose the energy you have accumulated during the day, on the contrary, sport helps you to keep fit.

     To remove fat from your belly, it is best to engage in physical activity such as cardio, weight training, or abdominal exercise.

Here are 3 easy exercises for a flat stomach:

The cardio exercise you should focus on

     Elliptical bikes are a good way to lose weight. The idea is to warm up for 5 minutes and then repeat the next cycle:
  • 1 minute ultra-intense where you give it all you've got.
  • 2 minutes at normal speed to promote recovery.
     One hour of elliptical biking allows you to burn about 500 calories. At this rate, your belly fat mass melts away very quickly!

The sheathing exercise to do

     Once the calories have been burned and the belly fat has been eliminated, this area should be muscled. So try doing some abdominal boarding:
  • Lie down on your forearms with your elbows slightly forward of your shoulders.

  • Stretch your legs while holding onto your toes.
  • Keep your back and pelvis aligned and make sure you don't arch your body.
  • Stay in this position for 1 minute.
  • Rest for 1 minute and repeat the exercise 3 times.

The abs


     There is no point in doing hundreds of abs a day if they are not done correctly.

     If this is the case, they could have the opposite effect while causing terrible back pain! However, it is necessary to work on your abs so that all the efforts made in cardio and workout will bring a satisfactory result.

     A good abdominal workout should be composed of 3 exercises working in 3 different areas: the big right, the big and small obliques, and the alternating obliques.
  • Lie on your back, preferably on a mat.
  • Bend your knees and keep your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Put your hands close to your head (without exerting pressure).
  • Keep your back straight and your lumbar vertebrae glued to the mat.
     This is the most common abdominal exercise. It is advisable to do 2 sets of 20.

The big and small obliques:

     Always lying on your back, well glued to the carpet, bend your knees and bring them back above your chest.

     Only one hand should be placed on the nape of the neck while the other hand should be stretched out on the floor at right angles to your body.

     Bring your elbow closer to the opposite knee.
     Make a series of 20 movements on each side.

Alternate obliques:

     Place both hands behind the nape of the neck in an extended position.

     Bend your legs slightly while keeping in contact with the ground.

     Simultaneously bring your right elbow close to your left knee above your chest.

     Repeat this exercise 20 times, alternating left/right.

Tips for a better result

     If none of this inspires you, you can also opt for sports such as walking, cycling, swimming, or jogging!

     What about slimming creams in all this? You can, of course, use them to accompany the loss of fat from your stomach.

     Whether it is by palpating-rolling or delicate massage, creams help to remove fat cells.


     A boosted metabolism, a balanced diet (with a limited intake of sugars), and adapted physical exercise are the secrets to a flat stomach

     So what are you waiting for to start your anti-overweight cure? Remember this, if it can motivate you

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