BMW 3 Series Touring 330i xDrive

BMW 3 Series Touring 330i xDrive


     The New BMW 3 Series Touring perfectly combines innovation, functionality and sporting dynamics. A true athlete among all-rounders, it fascinates with its highly efficient BMW TwinPower Turbo engines, perfectly tuned suspension and state-of-the-art assistance systems. 

     What's more, it is equipped with driving dynamics that are unrivaled in its segment.

     Thanks to innovative solutions such as the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, your car will accompany you in all everyday situations.

BMW 330i Touring:

     Fuel consumption in l/100 km (combined cycle): 6.4-6.0
CO2 emissions in g/km (combined cycle): 146-136

A car that wants to be sporty

     The design of the BMW 3 Series Touring.

     A sporty from start to finish: the sporting genes of the BMW 3 Series Touring are recognizable at first glance. 

     The front design reinterprets the interplay between the characteristic double radiator grille and the headlamps while emphasizing its extremely sporty appearance on the road. 

     Its defined lines underline the typical Touring silhouette with its superior aerodynamic qualities. 

The interior combines elegance and sportiness with modern comfort and innovative features.



     Whether on family holidays, weekends, or on a shopping trip, the BMW 3 Series Touring brings you comfort daily. 

     With plenty of storage space in the luggage compartment and passenger compartment, there's plenty of room for everything you want to take with you. 

     For larger items of luggage, the rear seats can be folded down automatically at the touch of a button and the load volume tripled within seconds. 


     Thanks to the innovative anti-slip rails, heavy luggage is also safely stowed on the floor of the luggage compartment: they inflate and lift automatically when you start off and secure the luggage. 

     And thanks to the innovative Comfort Access, the tailgate opens and closes contactless with a brief movement of the foot under the rear bumper. 

     These and many other features make the BMW 3 Series Touring the sportiest station wagon in its class.


Intuitive and far-sighted.

     The BMW 3 Series Touring aims to get you safely to your destination and make driving a sporting experience. 

     To this end, the intelligent driver assistance systems of Drive Assist Pro and Park Assist allow you to drive in a partially autonomous manner. 

     In addition to Active Cruise Control ACC + with Stop&Go function incl. collision warning, pedestrian and cyclist sensor with braking function, the Steering and Lane Departure Assistant is also available to assist you. 

     The Park Assist, which parks the car and makes it leave its parking space independently, and the reverse assistant: Auto Reverse pave the way for autonomous driving. For optimum comfort and maximum safety in all driving situations.



     Always at your side: the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

     Your individual preferences and habits create your personal feeling of comfort. The BMW 3 Series Touring aims to enhance your comfort on every journey. 

     To achieve this, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant assists you at all times. It takes note of your choices and preferences and thus gets to know you better day by day. 

     On request, it controls the navigation, infotainment and office functions and always knows the shortest route to your favorite restaurant. 

     Like a real assistant, he answers your questions about your vehicle and intuitively familiarises you with your BMW 3 Series Touring and its wide range of innovative features and functions.



Power deployment

     Already in pole position before you even hit the track: the BMW 3 Series Touring is a master in its class in terms of performance and driving dynamics. 

     And this is thanks to the powerful BMW TwinPower Turbo engines which, thanks to their spontaneous responsiveness, guarantee maximum driving pleasure even at low revs. 

     You can choose your own level of sportiness at any time:
the Driving Experience Control allows the DirectDrive or SelectDrive M suspension and the Sport automatic transmission to be individually adjusted for a relaxed and comfortable ride to a, particularly sporty driving experience.

     In the background, the optional M Sport differential in combination with the variable DirectDrive steering system ensures optimum handling and extremely agile behavior.


     The BMW 330e* Touring is the first BMW Touring with a hybrid drive to combine maximum driving pleasure with significantly reduced CO2 emissions. 

     This is made possible by the innovative BMW eDrive electric drive concept, which fascinates with its impressive driving dynamics, and a pure electric range of up to 63 km, traveled without emissions. 

     Together with the internal combustion engine, the resulting system output is 225 kW (292 bhp)1*, which gives the BMW 330e* superior tractive power and guarantees a unique and particularly enjoyable driving experience.

     Combustion engine with 135 kW (184 hp) + electric motor with up to 83 kW (113 hp)

Price of BMW 3 Series Touring 2019

     Claiming between €1150 and €1550 more than the saloon depending on the version, the 3 Series Estate is available from €43,450. 

     For the moment, the smallest engine available is the 190hp four-cylinder diesel of the 320d version. 

     However, the range will be extended downwards towards the end of the year, with the arrival of the 150hp 318d variant. 

     Our 330d tester, which must be equipped with xDrive all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission, is a welcome addition to the lineup, especially in the M Sport trim level, which comes with a price tag of €64,100. 

     CO2 emissions, ranging from 140 to 146 g/km depending on wheel size, imply an ecological malus ranging from €690 to €1153.

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