Mercedes GLA: the A-Class SUV

Mercedes GLA: the A-Class SUV


     The platform of the A-Class is a real Swiss Army knife. There was the sedan, the B-Class compact MPV, the 4-door coupe CLA, and now the small SUV, the Mercedes GLA

     It completes the lineup and occupies a final market niche, competing against the Audi Q3, BMW X1, and other Range Rover Evoque.

Mercedes GLA: the A-Class SUV: Vehicle design

Even more expressive: is the exterior of the GLA.

     As a true "off-roader", the Mercedes GLA knows how to satisfy your curiosity and your taste for adventure. With its dynamic silhouette that shows its willingness to move forward, it also plays on the field of sports coupes. 

     You'll discover a model made to surprise you: the GLA doesn't fit into any box, but fits perfectly into your life...

     The GLA's highlights include the crenelated undergrad design and the dents on the engine hood. Fascinating design elements that will never cease to amaze you. Add an extra touch of glamour with the optional Sport Package, Black. Let your desires run wild. 


     The Mercedes GLA takes over the dashboard of the A-Class with a few minor details. The design is pleasant and modern. The round, chrome-plated air vents in the second trim level are a distinctive feature of today's Mercedes. 

     There is plenty of scope for individualization. Colors, textures, and materials can be customized at will to create an interior that reflects your taste and image.

     Unfortunately, however, the multimedia screen is still located at the top of the center console and is integrated into a very... shall we say politely. 

     Of course, it's still not touch-sensitive since it's controlled by a knob located between the seats. At least the ergonomics of the system are correct.

Even more exclusive: the inside of the GLA.

     For all those who are looking for an escape from time to time: welcome aboard the GLA. 

     Avoid difficulties by following the indications of the optional real-time navigation and rely on the latest generation of driver assistance systems.

     Enjoy solo getaways and share them with as many people as possible at the same time - that's possible too: advanced connectivity services, as well as numerous applications specially designed for the vehicle, connect you with the whole world if you wish. 

     Two Exclusive Packs ensure your well-being. Among other things, you can choose from refined decorative inserts and sports seats or comfort seats in black buffalo leather finish. 
Get in and out of the GLA as late as possible.

     The availability of equipment depends on the engine and the chosen configuration. Please refer to the respective equipment information for details.

Mercedes GLA: the A-Class SUV: Road behavior


     The GLA is always ready for new adventures and is always ready for new adventures. It's multi-faceted, and you can make it even more so at the touch of a button.

Mercedes GLA: the A-Class SUV: engines


     Heavier than the sedan, the GLA is equipped with the most powerful engines in the catalog. Only the 4-cylinder engines, however. 

     So the 180, 160 CDI, and 180 CDI are no longer available. The range starts with the petrol engine 200, a 1.6 with 156 hp, continues with the 250, a 2.0 with 211 hp, and culminates with the super-powerful 45 AMG version with 360 hp. The diesel range starts with the 200 CDI with 136 hp and ends with the 220 CDI with 170 hp.

     This is a bit limited compared to competing for offers, and X1 goes from 116 to 218 hp in diesel and up to 306 hp in petrol. A Q3 offers 3 petrol engines of 150, 170, and 211 hp. The choice is (for the time being at least) rather limited.

     All engines can be equipped with 4Matic all-wheel drive (except the 200 petrol). All can benefit from the 7G-DCT dual-clutch transmission, which is even standard on 250 and 220 CDIs, while the smaller engines can also be fitted with a 6-speed mechanical gearbox. 

     Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are announced as "best in class" with the 200 CDI 136 boasting a minimum of 4.4 liters per 100 km and 114 g of CO2 per km. Thanks to the excellent Cx of 0.29, the best in class. For the rest of the technical info, see the dedicated page.

Mercedes GLA: the A-Class SUV: Two gearbox variants 

     The new GLA comes with a 6-speed mechanical gearbox as standard. With its short lever travels and exemplary maneuverability, it offers a direct and intense driving experience. 

     You benefit from significantly increased comfort with the optional 7G-DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission. It shifts gears without interrupting power and without jerking. And with the sporty paddle shifters, you can change gears manually at any time.

6-speed manual gearbox

     With short, direct lever strokes, the 6-speed mechanical gearbox offers fast gear changes and high shift comfort. The die-cast aluminum gearbox housing also contributes to weight savings.

  • Integrated ECO Start/Stop function
  • Compact and very short design
  • Short and direct lever strokes, reduced throughput forces

7-speed automatic transmission (optional)

     The dual-clutch transmission combines the comfort of a 7-speed automatic with the dynamism of a mechanical gearbox. It offers quick and smooth gear changes without interrupting the drive train. 

     The gearshift law can be preselected in a range from fuel-saving to sporty mode.

* Three driving programs: "Economy", "Sport" and "Manual".
* DIRECT SELECT selector lever
* ECO Start/Stop function

4MATIC all-wheel drive - Fascinating driveability.

     4MATIC all-wheel drive doesn't just propel the four wheels of the new GLA as required. It also gives the driver a real head start: to reach new goals, to reach remote places, to discover desert bays. 

     All-wheel drive is available for many engines and makes driving particularly safe and dynamic - and not only on unpaved roads.

Fascinating driveability at a glance:

4MATIC all-wheel drive
Anti-Skid Regulation (ASR)®
ESP® dynamic behavior control
The availability of the equipment depends on the motorization and the chosen configuration.

Comfort Pack KEYLESS-GO

     The system makes it easy to open, start, and lock the vehicle. All you need to do is carry the electronic key with you. The HANDS-FREE ACCESS function allows the EASY-PACK tailgate to open fully automatically and without contact.

Elements of the KEYLESS-GO Comfort Package:

KEYLESS-GO driver access and authorization system
EASY-PACK Tailgate
EASY-PACK assisted tailgate closure
Comfortable opening and closing
The lighting of handle bowls

Storage Pack

     The Storage Pack allows you to safely store objects of different sizes. It includes a sunglasses holder in the roof-mounted control unit, storage compartments under the front seats, and various luggage nets.


Elements of the Storage package:

Sunglasses holder in the roof-mounted control unit

Passenger foot net

Storage compartments under the front seats (not under the driver's seat with the fire extinguisher option, both storage compartments are not available with the AMG Performance Seat option)

Mesh pockets on the back of the front seats (not available with the AMG Performance Seat option)
  • Luggage nets on the sidewalls of the trunk
  • 12 V socket in the load compartment

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