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Coronavirus Transmission: MERS CoV | It Is Necessary To Be Afraid

Coronavirus Transmission: MERS CoV | It Is necessary To Be Afraid


87,565 people infected worldwide

     The number of cases of new coronavirus in the world on Sunday 03/01/2020 stood at 87,565, including 2,990 deaths, in 64 countries and territories, according to a report compiled by AFP from official sources on Sunday.

     In addition, 1,646 new infections have been recorded since Saturday's count.
     China (excluding the territories of Hong Kong and Macau), where the epidemic broke out in December, had 79,824 cases, including 2,870 deaths.

     573 new contaminations and 35 new deaths were announced there between Saturday and Sunday morning. 

     Elsewhere in the world, 7,741 cases were recorded on Sunday, including 120 deaths and 1,073 new cases.

     The countries most affected after China are South Korea (3,736 cases including 586 new cases, 18 deaths), Italy (1,128 cases, 29 deaths), Iran (978 cases including 385 new cases, 54 deaths) and Japan (239 cases including 9 new cases, 11 deaths).

     Japan also recorded more than 700 cases on the cruise ship Diamond Princess moored off Yokohama.

     In Europe, with 100 cases, France is the second-largest outbreak after Italy and ahead of Germany, which reported 74 cases.


     Iran announces 11 new coronavirus deaths, the total death toll of 54

     The Iranian Ministry of Health announced on Sunday the death of 11 people infected with the new coronavirus, bringing the death toll in the country to 54, the second-highest after China.

     In the last 24 hours, "eleven people have died" after being infected with the new coronavirus, ministry spokesman Kianouche Jahanpour said at a televised press conference, adding that 385 new cases had been confirmed, bringing the total number of infected people in Iran to 978.

Coronavirus begins to affect the daily lives of French people

     Shortened agricultural fair, postponed Paris half-marathon, closure of schools in the Oise: France is trying to curb the spread of the new coronavirus on its territory with spectacular measures that have a concrete impact on daily life.

     "All gatherings of more than 5,000 people in confined spaces will be canceled," Health Minister Olivier Véran said, ruling out at this stage the cancellation of the municipal elections scheduled for 15 and 22 March.

     Also canceled are gatherings "in open areas when they lead to mixtures with populations from areas where the virus may be circulating".

     The ban "potentially affects hundreds of theatres in France with more than 5,000 seats, and therefore thousands of cultural events," warned the Prodiss (national union of musical and variety shows, which brings together producers, broadcasters, venues, and festivals) in a statement.

     Sport is also concerned. The weekend was thus cut short of the half-marathon of Paris which should have taken place on Sunday. It usually brings together 40,000 participants and many more people on the pavements. 

     The French Basketball Championship match between Villeurbanne and Monaco scheduled for Sunday has also been postponed. For the moment, the L1 football matches are not questioned.

     Even stricter measures have been taken for the two main outbreaks of the virus in France, the Oise (from which 36 cases originated) and the commune of La Balme-de-Sillingy in Haute-Savoie. 

    Spring Sumo Tournament played behind closed doors

     The 2020 edition of the Spring Sumo Tournament, scheduled for March 8-22 in Osaka (west), will be held behind closed doors due to the outbreak of a new coronavirus, the Japanese Sumo Association (JSA) announced on Sunday, five months before the Tokyo Olympics. 

     "We are going to cause problems for many people who have been looking forward to the tournament, but we have taken this decision to help stop the spread of the infection," the JSA said in a statement on its website.

     "We ask for your understanding," she added. All tickets for the Spring Tournament had been sold out, and about 7,000 spectators a day were expected to attend the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium.

151 South Africans to return from China within 10 days

     South Africa will evacuate in "seven to ten days" some 151 of its citizens from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic that has spread to some 60 countries, its government announced on Sunday. 

     President Cyril Ramaphosa earlier this week ordered the repatriation, at their request, of his compatriots who have been confined for more than a month in the Chinese megalopolis.

     "The organization (of the return) will take seven to 10 days," Health Minister Zweli Mkhize told the press. 

      The operation will be carried out by the South African army on a special plane that will take the evacuees back to an unspecified facility where they will be held in strict quarantine for three weeks, he added. 

     "The people to be repatriated are in good health, they have not been infected (with the virus)," the minister said, "a quarantine is a simple precautionary measure".

     "We are not saying that China has failed, there is no immediate risk, but these South Africans want to return," Mkhize insisted. 

     To date, no confirmed cases of Covid-19 have been reported in South Africa, Mkhize said.

 As in churches, preventive measures in mosques

     "Avoid shaking hands", single-use towels in ablution places: the French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM) on Sunday asked imams and mosque officials to take measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 

     In an "urgent message" to the leaders of places of worship, the president of the CFCM Mohammed Moussaoui recalls "some simple but useful advice", including "avoid shaking hands and give preference to oral greeting and distance.

     He also recommends "frequent" handwashing and "removing multiple-use towels from mosque ablutions" and "replacing them with single-use towels". 

     Similar preventive measures have been taken in the dioceses, with archbishops calling for "emptying clams" in churches.

Total" mobilization in South Korea against coronavirus

     South Korean President Moon Jae-in reported on Sunday that his government is "fully" mobilizing against the coronavirus outbreak, while 376 new cases were reported on Sunday. 

     The country most affected by the epidemic after China, South Korea has been experiencing an outbreak of new cases in recent days, due in particular to an intense screening campaign.

     The health authorities announced on Sunday that 376 new cases were registered, bringing the total to 3,526, including 17 deaths. 

     Dozens of events have been canceled on the peninsula, and more than 70 countries have imposed travel restrictions on South Korea.

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