Apple TV App Comes To LG TVs

Apple TV App Comes To LG TVs


     At CES 2020, LG announced that its TVs released between 2018 and 2020 will soon receive support for the Apple TV application

     Until now, only its newer models have been supported by certain Apple services.

     Last year at CES, Apple surprised everyone by announcing its alliance with major TV manufacturers such as Samsung, LG or Sony. 

     The new televisions of these companies now natively support some Apple services such as AirPlay 2 and HomeKit while some of them even embed the Apple TV application

     The latter gives access to the iTunes catalog, Apple TV+ or Apple TV Channels (which notably offers HBO or Showtime in the United States).

     At CES 2020, LG announces the expansion of its partnership with Apple. Some of its TV sets released - or to be released - between 2018 and 2020 will soon be equipped with the Apple TV application. 

     This was not the case until now, the partnership is limited to the integration of AirPlay 2 and Homekit.

The Apple TV app... but not necessarily AirPlay 

     While the LG TVs of 2019 and 2020 will support the entire Apple ecosystem (AirPlay + Apple TV app), the older LG TVs will have to make do with the Apple TV app. 

     To benefit from AirPlay or HomeKit on these devices, it will, therefore, be necessary to purchase an Apple TV separately. 

     These are a priori technical limitations that prevent LG and Apple from offering native integration. 

     New televisions announced by LG this year include a 48-inch OLED model, the smallest model released to date.

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