Samsung Odyssey G9: The Curved Gaming Screen

Samsung Odyssey G9: The Curved Gaming Screen 


     Samsung unveils three new monitors for PC (and console) gaming, including the Odyssey G9 Curved Gaming Screen. With its sensual curves, this 49" won't leave the gamer in us unmoved.

     It's an arsenal of screens that Samsung is deploying at CES 2020. After its 8K TV without edges, it's an equally incredible PC screen, the Odyssey G9 that The Korean manufacturer is putting in the spotlight. 

     Although curved monitors may not be to our taste, we have to admit that with this 49-inch model, Samsung makes you dream. Especially since this model is dedicated to video games.

     The Odyssey G9 Curved Gaming Screen isn't missing anything. Its lines are airy, the white color fits like a glove, not to mention the little touches of blue that contrast with the overall look.  

     Finally, its foot is not too prominent and seems to be equipped with a clever device to let the cables pass cleanly. Joy! Let's leave here the aesthetic considerations to move on to the technical data-sheet.


Screen diagonal: 49 inches (124.46 cm)

Definition: Dual When HD (5120 by 1440 pixels)

Technologies : VA and QLED

Ratio/curvature: 32:9 and 1000R

Refresh rate: 240 Hz

Response time: 1 ms

HDR: Yes (1000)

Advertised brightness: 1000 cd/m2

FreeSync/G-Sync : Yes/Yes

Connectors: NC

     A luxury screen, therefore, whose curvature would be identical to the human field of vision (106° on average). Enough to embrace the image with a single glance, if you have enough distance.

     The 27 or 32 inch Odyssey G7 models, also announced at CES 2020. Their data-sheet is the same as that of the G9, slab definition (1440p in 16:9), brightness and HDR compatibility (600 cd/m2 and HDR600) excepted. 

     Unfortunately, Samsung has not yet announced the price of these new screens and even less their date of arrival on the market. 

     But as the old big curved gamer model cost more than 1200 euros, there is a good chance that the same will be true for this G9. The G7s could well, in our opinion, be positioned around 600 euros for the 27 and 750 euros for the 32-inch.

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