An Innovative Feature On The Google Search Engine

Google makes it easier for users to monitor programs


    Google has not lost ideas, it has just added a new feature to its search engine. This new feature is especially targeted at all movies and series fans and is currently published on the mobile web version of Google, as well as on the iOS and Android app.

      This new feature, available via the web or Google app for Android and iOS, lists a panel of movies and shows, with a small checkbox to allow the user to indicate what he or she saw. For movies that have not yet been shown, the "Get Tickets" button will be available for those who are still in the movie theaters.

New Wish List functionality in Google Search

     For example, when searching for a movie or series, new buttons will appear soon, allowing you to add the content in question to the watch list, or simply tell Google that it has already been shown.

     In this way, it will be very easy to find movies and series to watch (on its watch list), but Google will also be able to make an offer to watch the content directly on YouTube, if the latter is available, and will even invite internet users to purchase movie tickets if the movie in question Still in cinemas.

     According to 9To5Google, this functionality has already been widely published for several days, but only on mobile phones.

     In addition, users will be able to add programs they like or want to see on this list. If one of them is available on YouTube, for example, the "Watch Now" button will be available on the map, and the user will be taken directly to the broadcast link on the platform.

     Finally, the "show all" button will also be available to view all user-defined programs.

     The first procedure is straightforward and changes the text to “watched,” while the Watch List creates a save. This is directly related to the broader Google Bookmarks feature compared to its search, maps, and web extension.

Currently, Google has only one goal, which is "to make life easier" for users

     As recently as November 2019, it was the doctors ’life that Google wanted to“ simplify, ”by allowing them to find their patients’ records with “a few direct clicks on the search engine,” thanks to the Google Health app.

      But that is not all, Google wants to facilitate your trips, whether tourist, by allowing users to create their "initial" route with Google Earth, or daily, by specifically referring to the "enlightened" path, with Google Maps.

      Your programs, your health, your methods, easy and included ... on Google. Yes, but be careful, the incognito mode can now be activated on Google Maps.

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