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Top 5: Fat-Burning Foods

Top 5: Fat-Burning Foods


     Despite a balanced diet and regular physical activity, it's not always easy to get rid of some recalcitrant little kilos, in fact, certain areas of the body such as the thighs or hips seem to be the favorite place for fat to settle. 

     Certain fat-burning foods can then be of great help. In this article, discover the top 5 fat-burning foods!

     In the diet, some active ingredients can stimulate fat combustion, oxidation or elimination via intestinal transit. 

     Fat-burning foods have the particularity of concentrating them and having a positive effect on the organism. Here are the 5 most effective fat-burning foods.

Eggplant, a powerful fat-burning food

     If you are used to cooking eggplant, you have certainly noticed that this vegetable behaves like a real sponge that catches the oil. 

     In the body, too, its flesh captures fat and traps it, helping to eliminate it later. This fat-burning effect of the eggplant is above all linked to its high content of dietary fiber and, more precisely, pectin, which makes it a choice slimming ally. 

     For an optimal effect, prefer steaming or baking the aubergine.

     Green tea, a drink that stimulates lipid oxidation

     This is now scientifically proven: green tea is one of the most effective fat-burning foods. 

     Indeed, in addition to its record content of antioxidants and diuretic active ingredients, green tea contains catechin.

     Specifically, epigallocatechin, also known as EGCG. EGCG stimulates the metabolism and significantly increases fat burning. 

    As a result, regular green tea drinkers are generally slimmer.

Lemon, helps the body digest fat

     The major active ingredient in lemon is citric acid. 

     In the body, citric acid has many benefits. Its antioxidant power helps to stimulate the immune system and fight against cellular aging. 

     To lose weight, citric acid also has some benefits. Indeed, it stimulates the production of bile and digestive enzymes and thus helps to awaken the digestive system and facilitate digestion, reuse, and elimination of fats after their metabolization.

Therefore, lemon is a very interesting fat-burning food.

Oat bran is a food that traps fat in the body 

Oat bran has two main benefits when it comes to weight loss. 

     Both of these benefits are directly related to the very high soluble dietary fiber content of oat bran. First, oat bran has a fairly powerful satiating effect. 

     Its integration into the diet allows you to stay full longer, avoid cravings and eat less at main meals. 

     Secondly, soluble fiber traps bile salts and cholesterol in the body and promotes their elimination by also stimulating intestinal transit.

     Apples, a pectin-rich food that helps burn fat better

     Like oat bran, apples are an effective fat-burner thanks to their soluble fiber and pectin content. 

     In the digestive system, pectin actively participates in the elimination of excess fat via intestinal transit. A sufficient intake of soluble fiber even helps to regulate blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

 This is very interesting in the context of a weight loss project.

     What should we think of pineapple as a fat-burning food?

     Pineapple is certainly the most popular fat-burning food. 

     However, you have to be careful! Indeed, pineapple gets its reputation from its content of bromelain, an enzyme that stimulates fat burning.

     However, bromelain is mainly contained in the stem of the pineapple, the inedible part. As a result, you should not rely blindly on this fruit to lose weight, as is sometimes the case with certain diets. 

     However, pineapple is still a fruit rich in fiber and micronutrients and has a place in a healthy, balanced diet.

How to incorporate fat-burning foods into the diet?

     A Fat-burning food can be a great ally to help you lose weight and give you a helping hand to overcome stubborn kilos.

      However, no food has miraculous virtues. The consumption of fat-burning foods should be in addition to a varied and balanced diet. 

     That is to say, rich in vegetables, dietary fiber, micronutrients, lean proteins, and quality fats. The foods mentioned above are a crutch in case you want to lose weight, never a full-fledged solution.

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