Beauty Food Supplements, Necessary For Perfect Skin?

Beauty Food Supplements, Necessary For Perfect Skin?


     Dietary supplements: the latest addition to your daily beauty routine. But then, is it really necessary to have perfect skin?

     For several months now, a product has (re)entered the world of beauty.

     Dietary supplements have become an indispensable part of the daily beauty routine of many beauticians, who have not hesitated to integrate it into their beauty routine on a daily basis - just like a day cream or a facial cleanser.

     But is this craze for these little capsules justified?

     Having pretty skin is not a simple thing. It is advisable to lead a healthy lifestyle, to moisturize your skin, to protect it from the sun's UV rays, to cleanse it well, etc.

     In spite of this, sometimes our skin continues to be problematic.

     This can be a direct consequence of hormonal changes or skin diseases - such as eczema, rosacea, etc.

     This was the case with Mathilde Lacombe, for example. Working in the beauty industry, the young woman had access to most of the products available on the market, but she was unable to solve her skin problem.

     Cosmetics, a strictly adhered-to beauty routine, and a healthy lifestyle were not enough.

     In fact, the problem was due to an internal imbalance. Valérie Espinasse, a micro-nutritionist, explained to him that her skin problem actually came from her microbiota.

An essential complement to our cosmetics


     The reactions of our skin correspond to a message inside our body. Therefore, to complete our cosmetic beauty routine, it is important to combine it with food supplements

     These capsules will allow completing the benefits of beauty products. 

     After all, there is no point in ruining oneself in cosmetics if the base (i.e., our body) is not healthy. Cosmetics do not treat the problem at the root.

     To attack the microbiota, therefore, nothing better than food supplements containing probiotics. 

     Microorganisms that will help our intestinal flora to counter the digestive dysfunction responsible for our skin problems

     Indeed, probiotics will regulate the intestinal barrier, which is often weakened (due to a diet that is too rich, stress, etc.). 

     Associated with other ingredients, the capsules have the power to heal the epidermis beautifully. 

     Here are a few ingredients that are regularly found in supplements as well as their benefits.

- Turmeric: anti-inflammatory
- Zinc: healing
- Collagen: anti-aging
- Hyaluronic acid: plumping, moisturizing
- Copper: good mine
- Brewer's yeast: sebum regulator
- Barbana: anti-blemishes

- Evening primrose: soothing

  To be used as a cure or all year round?

     Usually used as a cure of one or more months, food supplements can also be taken for longer periods of time, even throughout the year. 

     It really depends on each person's problem. 

     While some people use "French Glow" supplements every day (which promise a luminous complexion to do without make-up); others opt for "Pure Glow" in a 3-month cure for a detox of the epidermis. 

     It is necessary to take food supplements over a minimum period of 3 months. 

     This is the time needed for the body to get used to the probiotics present in the supplements. 

     However, after only 2 weeks, we can feel the benefits of food supplements, especially the internal effects (with less bloating and better intestinal comfort).

     Above all, don't forget to listen to yourself and observe your skin. Who better than yourself to know what is best for your skin?

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