Face Care Routine: Top 5 Of The Best Skin Care Routine

Face Care Routine: Top 5 Of The Best Skin Care Routine


     A new product is causing a sensation in the beauty sphere! A facial mist is becoming more and more interesting and is becoming part of our beauty routine.

     Zoom on our 5 products that promise perfect skin in just a few sprays.

Mist, Aqua Rêves-Tu? from Laboratoire Garancia for radiant skin


     Enriched with marine spring water and Vitamin B3, Aqua Rêves-Tu? mist moisturizes our skin, illuminates it, rebalances it and protects it from external aggressions throughout the day (blue light, pollution, etc.).

     To be used morning and evening, just after cleansing the face, it gives a beautiful radiance to our epidermis. It's a little extra? It boosts your skin's collagen. A new and essential gesture to add to our beauty routine!

Eau de Beauté de Caudalie to tighten pores


     Caudalie's Eau de Beauté is a classic! This multi-functional mist is a must-have. 

     It not only refreshes and tones the epidermis but also fixes makeup. Caudalie's Eau de Beauté also has benefits for our skin.

     Composed of 100% natural ingredients, it smoothes facial features and tightens pores.

Brume Danse de la Pluie de Pulpe de Vie for 1st wrinkles


     A 100% natural water mist to be used like a serum (i.e. just before applying your moisturizer) to fight against the first signs of aging.

     Certified organic, enriched with hyaluronic acid and made in France, the Rain Dance care has everything to please. And a special mention for its sweet smell of figs!

Hydra-Defense Mist of Patyka against Pollution


     External aggression is the worst enemy of our skin. Among these, we count pollution!

     A substance from which it is possible to protect oneself, in particular with care products such as Patyka's Hydra-Defense Mist.

     To be applied on our face just after finishing our make-up, it will form like a shield on our epidermis.

    There's nothing like it to maintain a beautiful complexion... even in an urban environment!

Mario Badescu's face spray with aloe vera, cucumber, and green tea for a refreshing touch


     Mario Badescu, it's the little mark of the moment going up! And for good reason, it offers great facial mist.

     Our favorite? The one enriched with aloe vera, cucumber, and green tea.

     This beauty water gives dull, tired skin a real glow. Most of all, it is refreshing... and therefore ultra-pleasant!

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